Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test is the test of time interval during which data is transferred from your computer to the Network or in the opposite direction. Accordingly, there are two types of speed:

Downloading speed - incoming speed (loading pages in the browser, mailbox files, online games, videos, photos, and so on);

Uploading speed - the rate of return (sending files, photos, videos or uploading them to websites, social networks).

The unit of measurement of internet speed is megabits per second or abbreviated - Mb/s.

Keep in mind that the speed of downloading and uploading is a variable value. It can vary significantly during the day. Therefore, most providers do not specify a specific range in the contract, but they can tell you the speed estimation like "up to 10 Mb/s".

Speed Testing Services.

We are providing the best and authentic tool to perform the internet speed test. Our tool will provide you Ptcl speed test with the most accurate value of the speed of your internet connection.

  • Simply visit our homepage and click the "Start" icon.
  • A user-friendly and easy to understand graphical report will be generated for you by our system in a time of seconds only.

Our service allows you to quickly and easily measure the speed of the Internet connection. For the most accurate result, we recommend that you temporarily disable all programs that can use the Internet. It is also recommended to repeat the test 2 times because the result depends on the conditions of the Internet connection at the given time.

What other indicators characterize the quality of the Internet connection?

  • In addition to speed, you can estimate by the indicator called Ping. Ping is the server response time, measured in milliseconds. The smaller it is, the better the connection. This option is especially important for those who play online games or even participate in online battles. A quick server response will mean no delays in the game. The lower the ping value, the better the speed will be.
  • There is also such an indicator as jitter - it displays fluctuations in the Ping value (also in milliseconds) and demonstrates the stability of the connection. The lower the jitter value, the better.

Internet speed and channel width.

On the Internet, all signal paths can be compared to water pipes. The wider the pipe, the more it will be able to pass water per unit of time. The same happens with Internet channels. The wider the channel, the more information can be transmitted per unit of time and the greater the speed of the Internet.

  • Internet speed depends on many factors and may vary depending on the time of day and network load.
  • It is important to understand that the speed of the Internet is measured in bits and bytes. Always compare the speed of the tariff and measured in the same units.
  • The more subscribers on the same connection, the lower the speed of the Internet connection will be.

Here are some of the things that may affect the speed of data transmission over the channel:

  • The technology of providing access to the Internet.
  • Channel type (wired or wireless).
  • Equipment that provides the channel (routers, towers of mobile operators, etc).
  • Equipment that receives data on your side (home router, modem, access point, or just a network).
  • Remote from equipment if you use a type of Wi-Fi connection (from a wireless router or access point).
  • The quality of network coverage and your location relative to the source of the signal if you use the 3G / 4G type of communication.
  • The speed can be influenced by viruses that live on your computer or laptop.

How to increase the speed of your Internet Connection?

We find a bottleneck when we check the speed on different computers.

  • If the speed is low on a specific computer, you need to clean it with a cache cleaning app, for example with “CCleaner”.
  • If the speed is higher with the cable connection and it is lower with the wi-fi connection, then you need to replace either the router with an advanced one or update the Wi-Fi adapter of the computer.
  • If the speed is low on all scanned computers, it may be worth changing the tariff or the Internet service provider itself (if the speed test result of internet will not comply with the terms of the contract).
  • Configure the correct operation of the network equipment, reconfigure the modem or router according to the instructions to restore the correct operation of the Network.
  • Install a reliable (better - licensed) antivirus and scan your system for malware.
  • Make sure your computer or tablet has enough resources (sometimes a small RAM or bad video card can cause problems with the device) to watch your favorite video or receive the internet signals.

Why do I need to check the speed of the Internet?

  • Checking the speed of your Internet connection is necessary because often the speed that the provider promises you is different from the actual speed.
  • For professional, it is important to test their internet speed with our tool to prevent their work from any interruption.
  • If you are deciding to share your local internet with your neighbors, so it is necessary to test it first to let them know about the actual speed they will get.

Moreover, Internet speed test allows you to test the quality of the connection. If you are facing difficulties while working on the network, or you can’t watch movies and listen to music, then you should determine your real network connection speed. Difficulties in the work of sites are not always associated with low Internet speed, there may be other factors that slow down the pages.

Main advantages of our Internet speed test tool.

  • Excellent design based on the speedometer showing the speed of the Internet during the measurements.
  • The service automatically determines the location of the computer depending on its IP address.
  • Decent accuracy of results.
  • General statistics displays measurements.
  • The results of diagnosing connection parameters can be share to the Internet community.

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