Wateen Speed Test

Wateen Telecom is a united communication services provider that is helping the organizations and individuals of Pakistan to solve their fast connectivity issues. Wateen Telecom gives complete services for Internet connections and other Multimedia services that make it the most inclusive internet connectivity provider of Pakistan.

We are providing the Wateen Speed test tool of the internet to measure its upload speed, download speed, and ping.

How to perform the Internet Speed test of Wateen?

  • To check the Internet connection on your, there is no need to install any application, just go to the browser and type ""
  • It is important to close the extra processes running in Windows before testing. The diagnostic process takes about a minute of time. Our service automatically determines the location.
  • Before starting the calculation of the characteristics of the Internet connection, the response time (ping) is determined.
  • Then the download speed is tested- After the measurement, the online service will automatically start calculating the return rate.
  • When completing the diagnostics of the three network parameters, the user will be prompted to either repeat the Internet speed test or share the result of wateen internet speed test with other.

Our website measures the following network parameters:

Delay time (ping).

This is the average time during which a data packet reaches the remote server and returns. Naturally, the smaller the ping, the more comfortable it is to use the internet. Critical ping value for online games.

Download Speed.

This is the total amount of data downloaded for a certain period. Download speed determines the quality of online video viewing, and directly determines the time of downloading files.

Upload speed.

This is the total amount of data sent for a certain period of time- This parameter has a significant impact on the duration of sending data of impressive size or mail messages with large attachments.

Wateen Speed Test

Why Wateen Speed test needed?

When purchasing provider services, you should perform the speed test of wateen Internet connection. You should make sure it is the same as specified in the contract or almost like that. However, you should perform the test 2 or 3 times and compare the value by writing them on a piece of paper or by remembering the values, because it is influenced by a lot of factors. From network congestion to the state of the client device that may be a computer, smartphone, tablet or Smart TV. In the contract, the provider always mentions the maximum speed rather than the actual connection speed. So, if there is a significant difference in each outcome so you can contact the wateen customer services about this interruption. A fast internet speed makes your work and life more efficient.

To know about the real speed of the Internet, you need to know how to determine it? For this, there is many special software and free web services. But they are not as accurate as our tool. Our frontier internet speed test tool will provide you with the most accurate speed result which your ISP is providing.

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