PTCL Speed Test Tool

PTCL Speed test is basically a tool which allows you to check internet connection speed. Speed test can be run from your desktop, mobile, laptop, or tablet. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the established chain of Pakistan's telecommunication industry by taking its technological courage and productivity levels to new heights.

PTCL Speed check tool works with different nodes located in the networks of the different operators. With our tool, you can measure the quality of your Internet connection correctly compared to other speed test tools.

PTCL Transformation in Pakistan

From just a telephone company of decades, Finally PTCL has become today the only integrated telecommunications company of Pakistan. Also the company is improving customer care network and services, ever-developing human resources, and its organizational outreach and segmentation are always getting better.

Also the second nationwide Quality Service survey conducted by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), PTCL is leading all operators in the country by providing to consumers the highest quality broadband internet service. It is also covering 1000+ cities of Pakistan.

What PTCL offer its customers?

  • Unlimited traffic at the selected speed;
  • Free access to local resources of the provider's network at a speed of up to 100 Mbps;
  • Installation and configuration of a Wi-Fi router;
  • Virus and spam-proof email inbox on the provider's server;
  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • The high bandwidth of more than 270 Gbs and symmetric data transmission channel;
  • Flexible rates for speeds up to 100 Mbps for any needs;
  • Information security - fiber "does not radiate" in the radio band, which allows you to protect transmitted data from interception;
  • Low attenuation of the signal ensures the transmission of information over long distances without the use of amplifiers;
  • Convenient payment methods: through payment terminals, using bank cards, etc.;
  • A number of additional services.
PTCL Speed Test

What Does Our Ptcl Speed Test Tool Offer

We are offering the web application that offers the download and upload speed as well as the latency. You can also access this tool from your mobile browser. If you want to measure your mobile or Wi-Fi connection on your Smartphone then simply visit our site from your mobile connected with that connection.

PTCL Internet Speed Test Tips

Also remember that to run PTCL internet speed test, it is essential that you close all programs that can consume bandwidth. In this case you will get the actual downloading and uploading speed. We also recommend that if you want the better results then make a cable connection of your device with the PTCL modem.

Internet speed test is only 3 steps process with our tool:

  1. Visit our website and you will see a button "START" at the top of the webpage.
  2. Push that button and take a sip of your tea.
  3. A user-friendly report will be formed and display to you which will show you about the downloading and uploading speed of PTCL with a graphical presentation. The speed will measure in Kilobits per second or Megabits.

This is Why You Need Our Speed Test Tool

Most contracts of telecommunications companies do not include a guaranteed percentage of the speed contracted. Some ISPs only guarantee 60%, so we recommend that if your company does not comply with the corresponding then you can claim about your package. In the network there are many speeding meters but not all are accurate for different reasons. But our frontier speed test tool will provide you with the best result among all.

PTCL Internet Connection and Broadband Speed Test

High-speed Internet is an integral part of the life of a modern person, even outside the city or in the country: social networks, information search, ordering goods and services online, access to useful Internet services (maps, traffic jams, weather, music, movies, and online games) and also many other things you can do.

Generally 15 years ago, it took a few minutes to download a single photo from the Internet, and it took about an hour to download a favorite song. Lastly these times are over, today high-speed Internet can be held in almost any home. So, you just need to do Etisalat Speed Test from our tool and then you can claim for your required speed from the operator.

The advantages of the fast PTCL speed are:

  • The selection of the connection speed, which will be sufficient to connect all computers of the enterprise to the local network;
  • The ability to negotiate with customers through video channels. The quality of the sound and image directly will depend on the speed of the connection to the network.
  • Acceleration of information processing.

PTCL Authentication and Responsibility

Above all Pakistan's digital growth prospects have begun to look brighter. And PTCL is leading the country's broadband revolution from the front. In short, PTCL had made big efforts to play the part of catalyst in the technological growth of Pakistan's broadband section. Because of its efforts, our country qualified to get top rated amongst the best countries. According to a new research, regions, where broadband penetration has been greater, have progressed twice as much compared to regions with no or little broadband.

Thus, PTCL is the largest broadband service provider in Pakistan. With having 90 % market shares in world's 4th largest broadband market. Especially, PTCL has a responsibility to develop Pakistan's technology and data network and contribute to establishing the echo system conducive for the country's economic growth and social uplift. Also the telecom giant is moving in that direction. These things are also depending on the entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

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