EVO speed test

PTCL broadband is the most generally accessible internet service provider in Pakistan. EVO 3G/4G internet devices of PTCL are also becoming popular in Pakistan with time. All the EVO devices have limited data bundle packages, but they are super-fast as compared to other devices. If you are a traveler for any reasons so this device will work best for you. It provides you with the speed up-to 9.3 Mbps.

We just come up with the new Evo speed test tool which will determine the actual internet speed of the Evo device. You can compare our result with the downloading speed at your download manager that there will be no significant difference. But you need to make sure the following things.

  • All background apps are closed which may use data.
  • Your device is connected to the right internet connection.
  • Your router is updated.
  • The settings of your router are configured correctly according to the ISP instructions.
  • Close all programs that use the network and the Internet to maximize the channel load.
  • Disable VPN clients and proxy servers if they are not required to establish access to the global network.
Evo Speed Test is a free service for Evo speed check. To start the test, just click the "Start" button. The result will be displayed on the screen in less than a minute. Our service determines the speed of incoming and outgoing connections with ping. However, it also shows detailed information about your Internet connection from which you launched the check.

Internet speeds should correspond not only to computers and other devices but also the Evo device. It is not just a USB. It is important that the latest software is installed on it, according to the ISP instructions. You can check what software is installed on your device and whether a newer version is available, to which you can upgrade yourself.

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